Springtime Specials

Enjoy Springtime in Montana's Rocky Mountains!

Join us for a spring adventure-- From May through mid-June you can experience "Montana's Serengeti" in the spectacular Blackfoot Valley. A wide variety of watchable wildlife (including elk, deer, moose, bear, mountain goat, trumpeter swans alongside a large variety of other birds, and more) and wildflowers are part of the beauty of spring in Montana. Make your plans today!


We are small and personal, hosting up to 24 guests per week. Below are some of the highlights the Rich Ranch has to offer:


“I have to say again that our trip to the Rich Ranch was literally the best vacation I have ever been on! I have been to Europe, most of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and about 30 US States and I was more relaxed and more comfortable at your ranch than any of those places!! Everyone was fantastic. I think I smiled the entire trip. I found it so easy to fall in love with Montana…I have been wanting to travel there for over 10 years now and you know when you build a place up in your mind and sometimes when you get there it doesn’t live up to your expectations. I didn’t have one ounce of disappointment about Montana or my stay with you. Your place is a piece of Heaven and I am So thankful for being able to share in it if only for a few days. I am sure we will meet again…thank you…you guys are awesome!"

- Sarah Jubach, from Ohio

"Montana was a new discovery for us. We enjoyed your shining mountains, your beautiful lakes, fantastic horses and trail rides. But most of all we will remember with a smile (and giggles) you warm and welcome and generous hospitality throughout our stay. We can’t begin to thank you enough."

- May, Cindy, and Liz

As we reflected back about the highlights of our time there, everyone agreed that the best surprise was the generous, inclusive and welcoming spirit of the ranch. Our overnight was amazing. A big thank you for the excellent manner in which you cared for your stock and tack. It always tells me so much about the ranch and I was impressed and able to relax and enjoy myself instead of worry about the horses and other things.

- Anne MacRae, from California