Fishing License Information

Fishing Licenses can be purchased upon your arrival at the ranch or you can purchase your fishing license online ahead of time at Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Age Resident Non-Resident
1 - 11
  • No license required
  • Must observe all limits and regulations
  • No License Required IF accompanied by an adult who holds a valid MT fishing license
  • The combined daily possession limit for the two (or more) anglers cannot exceed the legal limit for one licensed angler.
  • To catch his/her own legal limit, the youth must purchase a fishing license (see 15-61 years of age)
12 - 14
  • Conservation License Only - $8
  • See Non-Resident 1 - 11.
15 - 61
  • Conservation License ($8) + Fishing License ($5 for 2 consecutive days or $18 for season, $8 for season anglers 15-17)
  • Resident Sportsman and Youth (12-17) Sportsman licenses also include a season fishing license.
  • Conservation License ($10) + Montana Fishing License ($15 for 2 consecutive days, $43.50 for 10 consecutive days or $60 for season).
  • Nonresident Deer A Combo or Nonresident Big Game Combo licenses also include a season fishing license.
  • Conservation license only - $8
  • See Non-Resident 15 - 61.

Special Note: Free fishing weekend on June 15-16, 2013.

By Montana law, each year on Father's Day weekend any person (resident or non-resident) may fish for any fish within this state without obtaining a fishing license as long as they abide by the seasons, restrictions and bag limits listed in these Fishing Regulations. An exception to this is bull trout fishing, which requires the purchase of a Conservation and Fishing License, and a catch card.