Our Horses

A Life with Horses

Cowboys and Cowgirls have a long-embraced belief:

“There is Something about the Outside of a Horse
That’s Good for the Inside of a Person”

This belief is the cornerstone of our family philosophy and a large part of what inspires us to share this passion with our guests. Our horses and mules are much more than just a “tool of our trade”. They are a way of life and integral part of our rural country lifestyle.

Five generations of the Rich family have proudly made their living in Montana with horses and mules. It started with our pioneer arrival in 1864 as teamsters hauling freight; then continued through the early-mid 1900’s as cattle ranchers, rodeo team roping, and custom trainers. For the last 60+ years we’ve shared our passion as dude ranchers and wilderness outfitters. Remaining constant through the generations is the respect and deep admiration we have for our horses and mules, who work faithfully to help us continue a proud tradition of horsemanship.

Whether it’s a Summer Dude Ranch Vacation or a Bob Marshall Wilderness Pack Trip, we hope that you can join us to spend quality time on the back of a trusted horse to build your own special Montana memories.