School Groups & Educational Field Trips

The Perfect Learning Atmosphere

The Blackfoot/Clearwater Valley is a global role model of success through collaboration in its efforts to balance natural resource conservation and a rural economy. Because the Rich Ranch is based in this valley, it provides the perfect location for schools and other education-centered groups to come and see first-hand the results of the success and the ongoing efforts to continue as an example for other rural communities and watersheds around Montana, the United States, and the rest of the World.

During April and May we specialize in hosting education-based groups of up to 30 people. We are happy to help you to arrange an itinerary which best fits your particular interests. Past groups have balanced fun with education for an engaging experience that builds lifelong memories!


"Please accept my personal thanks to you and your staff for a tremendous field trip. You made a positive difference for all participants. One summed up the experience like this, "Jack and his crew were an invaluable component of this trip. Not only outstanding in seeing everyone's needs, but their knowledge and love of the land, and their ability to interact with the group made it a far better experience than it would have been otherwise."

- Connie Myers, Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center

"Thank you for allowing our science seminar class to share your home with you for a week. The food was great, the rooms were better, and the service and care you gave was the best. Thanks for providing me with a truly memorable experience!"

- Jake Brodsky, Helena High School Science Class